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Il Pozzo Romano
Bed and Breakfast, Country House

Itineraries and visits:

-IN VETRALLA: walk along the characteristic corners and lanes of Vetralla, discover 'rione San Giuseppe', 'piazza dell'Oca', 'vicolo del sole'; visit San Francesco Romanesque church (11th century); join Vetralla's folklore with a lot of festivals and celebrations during the year; discover many interesting Etruscan sites as NORCHIA, GROTTA PORCINA, FORO CASSIO.

-IN VITERBO: visit the old city centre, Palazzo dei Papi and the medieval pathway of San Pellegrino; discover the subterranean area of Viterbo city; reach Bagnaia (just 5 Km from Viterbo) to visit Villa Lante (Reinassance period) with italian gardens and fountains.
SPA IN VITERBO (HEALTH SPA): A twelve-kilometre fracture in the earth's crust, through which hyper-thermal waters (40° - 58° C), rich in sulphurous salts and calcium bicarbonate, magnesium, etc., are forced by the pressure of sulphurous and carbonic gases. This waters have always been highly appreciated for their therapeutic properties. TERME DEI PAPI Health Center (http://www.termedeipapi.it/index.php?zn=home) is the main spa in Viterbo but many other springs are located in various areas of Viterbo, many of them are still wild and free.

-TUSCANIA: visit the old town centre and the two main churches San Pietro (XI century) and Santa Maria Maggiore (IX century).

-BOMARZO: PARCO DEI MOSTRI (Sacro Bosco) or garden of Bomarzo is a Manieristic monumental complex with many astonishing stone sculptures and small buildings.

-CIVITA DI BAGNOREGIO: a charming town in a striking position atop a plateau of friable volcanic tuff overlooking the Tiber river valley. The only way to reach the town is to walk on a long and narrow bridge.

 -LAKES: VICO'S LAKE with the naturalistic area which sorrounds it and the  village of Caprarola where Palazzo Farnese (villa of the Reinassance period) is. BOLSENA'S LAKE for bathing and for visits to all the villages upon it (Bolsena, Marta, Capodimonte, Montefiascone).

-ETRUSCAN SITES: visit  the most famous archaelogical etruscan sites of the center of Italy: Vetralla, Blera, Sutri, Tarquinia, Tuscania, Cerveteri, Vulci.
-LANDSCAPE AND NATURE: Marturanum park, a natural reserve in Barbarano Romano; walking, jogging and mountain biking in Vetralla (Monte Fogliano); natural reserve around Vico's lake.

-ROME: visits to the main interesting,cultural and touristic places in Rome with one day trips from Vetralla by bus, train or your own car (Villa Borghese parking in the centre of Rome at just 65 Km).

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Con grande orgoglio anche per l'anno 2018 abbiamo ottenuto l'eccellenza

Il Pozzo Romano

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